Cafe & Restaurant Supplies

Salad Mix Box 1.​5kg
$20.00 each $13.33 per kg
Herb Ws Mint Bunch
$3.50 each
Herb Ws Coriander Bunch
$3.00 each
Herb Ws Parsley Flat Bunch
$4.50 each
Tomato Large 9-10kg Carton
$57.00 each
Avocado Premium Tray Size 20
$50.00 each
Spinach Baby Box 1.​5kg
$20.00 each $13.33 per kg
Carrots Large /​Kg
$3.00 per kg
Herb Ws Dill Bunch
$3.50 each
Tomato Cherry Tray
$70.00 each
Cucumber Continental Bag
$42.00 each
Herb Ws Basil Bunch
$5.99 each
Mushroom Cups Box 4 Kg
$46.00 each $11.50 per kg
$5.85 each (approx.) $1.95 per kg
Baby Broccoli Box
$44.00 each
Potato Desiree 15kg Box
$50.00 each
Mushroom Button 4kg Box
$46.00 each
Herb Ws Oregano Bunch
$5.00 each
Herb Ws Chives Bunch
$5.50 each
Banana Box
$53.00 each
Carrots Large (​20kg Carton)
$40.00 each
Broccoli Box
$42.00 each
Herb Ws Thyme Bunch
$4.00 each
Lemon Large / Box
$45.00 each
Pre Order day before market
Onion Peeled Red 10kg Bag / Ea
$45.00 each
Potato Cocktail 15kg Ctn
$60.00 each
Limes / Box 5kg
$38.00 each $7.60 per kg
Orange Juicing /​Box
$38.00 each
Onion Red 10kg Bag / Box
$40.00 each
Potato Chippers Box 15kg
$42.00 each $2.80 per kg
Zucchini Med/​Lge Kg
$3.99 per kg
Pre Order day before market
Cabbage Shredded / 1kg Bag
$14.00 each
Rocket Wild Box 1.​5kg
$27.50 each $18.33 per kg
Herb Ws Lemongrass /​Ea
$2.00 each
Bean Shoots / 1kg Bag
$6.00 each
Herb Ws Sage Bunch
$5.00 each
Potato Special Washed 20kg Bag
$52.00 each
Shallots Peeled 1kg / Bag
$24.50 each
Herb Ws Garlic Chives Bunch
$5.50 each
Onion Large 20kg Bag
$34.00 each
Betel Leaf / Kg
$40.00 per kg
Chinese Broc 3deck Box
$82.00 each
Zucchini Med/​Lge Box
$40.00 each
Pre Order day before market
Carrot Peeled 10kg Bag / Ea
$36.00 each
Carrots Medium (​15kg Carton)
$36.00 each
Mushroom Flat Box 4kg
$50.00 each $12.50 per kg
Mushroom Swiss Flat Box 3kg
$52.00 each $17.33 per kg
Apple Red Box
$60.00 each
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